Vaadin 14 can integrate with web components. You can find a useful presentation here:

You can find web components at, so I have selected for displaying an inline calendar for selecting dates

API Reference

Install to your vaadin app using the following command

npm i app-datepicker --save

Java Integration

You have to define a class in Vaadin and define the Tag and JsModule as defined in app-datepicker documentation. Then you can integrate with supported methods of library by adding relevant methods in class (e.g. disabledDates, on click event)

public class AppDatapicker extends Component {

    public void setDisabledDates(String disabledDates) {

    public static class DateChangeEvent extends ComponentEvent<AppDatapicker> {
        private String value;
        public DateChangeEvent(AppDatapicker source, boolean fromClient, @EventData("event.detail.value") String value) {
            super(source, fromClient);

        public String getValue() {
            return value;

    public Registration addValueChangeListener(ComponentEventListener<DateChangeEvent> listener) {
        return addListener(DateChangeEvent.class, listener);

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