The tool was created for uploading and downloading files from/to Google Drive and it doesn’t support any kind of synchronization. In fact, gdrive can’t even download multiple files at once.

Main features are:

  • upload/download single files (and optionally, it can convert uploaded files to Google Docs format)
  • upload folders
  • create folder
  • share file or folder from your Google Drive
  • generate preview and download url
  • show shared status
  • search your Google Drive
  • cross-platform


The gdrive GitHub page offers binaries for Linux (well as Windows, etc.) for 32bit, 64bit, Arm and a binary especially for Raspberry Pi. To install it, download the binary, place it in your home folder and run the following command to install it to /usr/local/bin/ as “drive”:

Download gdrive (binaries available for Linux – 32bit, 64bit, Arm and Raspberry Pi -, Windows, Mac and FreeBSD as well as the source code)

For Linux installation you can do the following:

cd && sudo install drive-linux* /usr/local/bin/drive

How to use GDrive

To use gdrive, you must firstly authenticate it with Google. Do this, simply run “drive” in a terminal (this assumes that you’ve installed the gdrive binary as “drive”

Then you can use the list of gdrive commands to do upload/download/search and other funcionalities of google drive

  • drive list
  • drive download
  • etc

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