Tips for application design
  • Watch the users to see how they do something that you want to model in your application
  • Prototype the user requirements to paper before you proceed with detailed design
  • Present your prototype to users and get feedback
  • Deploy the features you develop soon, to get feedback. Don’t wait to finish the development to show it to end users

Guidelines for application development

  • Use standard gui controls for common actions
  • Display the correct messages to the users
  • Don’ t let the users guess what’s happenning
  • Show users the curent state of the application
  • Tell users what happened when a user submits a command
  • Display help messages to complex features

Tips for managing development projects

  • Have in mind what the software must do
    • Describe the vision of the document
    • Have a clear list of features that will be developed
    • Have a clear list of features that will not be developed
  • Keep a list of tasks with assignments
  • Code reviews every week to improve the code quality

Why an application fails?

  • It’s not usable. But how can we define a usable applicaton? I think that if the users know how to us and to operate the User Interface of the application then this is usability
  • Sometimes the features of an application don’t solve the correct problem
  • The features are complicated or users to understand how to use them
  • It doesn’t solve all the required features

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